Where can I sign

Do you need assistance signing the agreement?

Make an appointment at one of four “Yad L’isha” offices:

Tel Aviv:               7 Shiloh Street

Jerusalem:          35 Kfar Etzion Street

Be’er Sheva:       Rosko City Building, 8A Henrietta Szold

Northern Area:  Please phone to arrange

yad laisa

To arrange a date to meet please phone:  02-6710876 or toll free: 1800-200-38

“Yad L’isha” is the largest women’s organization and action in Israel and assists those who are being denied a “Get” or are agunot in the following areas:  Legal representation to dissolve the marriage with respect, framework for emotional support,  preventative treatment, legal advice,  effecting change in legislation, lectures, pre nuptial agreements and mediation.